10 Practical Carry-On Bags That Attach To Your Suitcase

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Don’t be this person.

Traveling is probably the most universally agreed upon stressor there is. Nobody enjoys swapping all of their liquid toiletries for solid alternatives, rushing to the airport several hours early, fighting through obnoxiously long TSA lines, or running through terminals to make last-minute gate changes. 

One thing that can make the experience even a tiny bit better? Luggage that’ll keep up with the headache. Ditch the tiny weekender duffel bag and instead invest in a smart carry-on that can attach to your suitcase through what’s called a “trolley sleeve” or a “pass-through pocket.” Whatever you choose to call it, we call it genius.

Be prepared for your next trip with these 10 carry-on bags that’ll attach to your luggage: 

1. Vera Bradley Iconic Weekender Travel Bag

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