A review of Treehouse Hotel London

An Inspector Calls… at the Treehouse London, which has rooms that are ‘full of fun’ with cuddly toys on the beds and TREE TRUNKS in the bathrooms – plus there are great views of the city

  • Treehouse London, just off Regent Street, has only been open a matter of days
  • The lifts are encased in bark and all the interiors are nature-inspired with shrubs 
  • It has a spectacular 16th-floor bar, The Nest, with a wrap-around open terrace

The Treehouse is not a treehouse — but it is tremendous fun and might just become one of London’s sizzling hotspots, especially in summer when the spectacular 16th-floor bar, The Nest, with its wrap-around open terrace, is bound to pull in punters.

It’s been open only a matter of days and it’s already buzzing. Staff are super-keen; polite workmen are sharing lifts with the Instagram crowd desperate to be first through the doors; the main restaurant is into its stride — and there’s no denying that it’s different.

Mind you, the building itself — next to gorgeous All Souls Church and round the corner from BBC Broadcasting House, just off Regent Street — is an uninspiring Sixties office block similar to the one that features in TV show The Office.

One of the bedrooms inside Treehouse London, just off Regent Street, which has only been open a matter of days

The entrance leads you into a coffee shop. ‘Is this reception?’ I ask. ‘Not exactly,’ says a man who must work part-time as a model. ‘But let me pop you into this lift, then I’ll press the 15th-floor button and you’ll be there in a dash.’

The hotel occupies floors nine to 16 of the building, which means all the rooms get fabulous views.

The lifts are encased in bark and all the interiors are nature-inspired, with loads of shrubbery, woods of different kinds and, bizarrely, cuckoo clocks.

It’s the very opposite of stark modern — and yet it’s demonstrably modern.

I’ve booked and paid for the cheapest room but, without having to ask, I am upgraded to a studio suite on the 14th floor, where the BT tower looms large.

‘Have a fun stay,’ says the receptionist.

The room is fun. A Paddington Bear sits on a shelf, a cuddly sloth on the bed, a birch tree trunk in the bathroom. Cushioned seats run under the large windows (which, thank the Lord, open a few inches). There’s something witty about the whole confection. On a coffee table, there’s a children’s stereoscope and a few random books, including the 1970 Standard Catalogue of Canadian Coins, Tokens And Paper Money. That should be a riot.

The hotel has a 16th-floor bar called The Nest, pictured, which has a wrap-around open terrace

The hotel has a 16th-floor bar called The Nest, pictured, which has a wrap-around open terrace

There’s a bar menu in The Nest, but the main restaurant is one floor down, on the 15th, and is called Madera. ‘It’s Mexican with a Californian twist,’ says the waitress. ‘Very fresh.’ Very expensive, too. But not if you take advantage of an opening offer, valid until the end of January: book an entry level room for £312 and you get £150 worth of dinner thrown in.

I’m on my own and go mad. Guacamole, sashimi, king shrimp, a taco here, a burrito there. Wines are pricey and I haven’t heard of any of them, which engenders the fantasy.

I could do without the heavy house music, and throwing in breakfast would make sense, but Treehouse marks a radical departure for London hotels.

At the very least you should visit The Nest. It will have you chirping in no time.


Treehouse Hotel London, 14-15 Langham Place, London, W1B 2QS. For more information call 020 7580 0111 or visit treehousehotels.com. Doubles from £279 (once offer ends).  





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