Bumble dating app users traveling around the world on dates

Ever dreamed of going on dates around the world, free of charge? Bumble is making that a nine-month-long reality for two lucky women this year.

Brigette Muller and Juliana “Jules” Broste will be the company’s first “global connector bees.”

In addition to going on dates around the world, they’ll be in search of friendship and business connections – all the while documenting the experiences for Bumble through videos, blog posts and social media.

Muller and Broste will visit designated locations together all over the world for about two weeks at a time, from Canada to Japan. In addition to free travel, they will also receive a salary (the company didn’t say how much).

They’ll showcase their lives while using Bumble. Following the Singapore launch of Bumble Bizz (the app’s networking option), both women will travel to countries such as Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, United States, Japan and more.

What is Bumble and why this venture?

Bumble is a women-first social network and has 80 million users worldwide. Users can choose between three different modes: Bumble Date (for dating), Bumble BFF (for friendship) and Bumble Bizz (for networking). In opposite sex match-ups on Bumble, women must be the ones to initiate conversation.

Juliana Broste is getting paid to go on dates around the world for Bumble.

So why go global this way with a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity? Chelsea Maclin, vice president of marketing at Bumble, tells USA TODAY that it’s “important for us to advance our on-the-ground research about dating culture worldwide so we can gear our product offerings toward new communities and future generations.”

Meet Bumble’s global connector bees

The positions opened to Bumble users in summer 2019, and thousands of people applied before the June 14 deadline.

Brigette Muller is getting paid to go on dates around the world for Bumble.

Muller came up with an idea to create a travel dating show and wanted to partner with a dating app to do it. Then, eight months ago, she got a text message from a friend with a link to Bumble’s new venture. Her plans changed: “As soon as I saw the headline I was like, ‘No, this is what I want to do,'” Muller tells USA TODAY.

Broste thought she’d be amazing at telling stories and traveling – and since she’d been neglecting dating, she thought she could kill two birds with one stone (as well as make friends and business connections).

The application process involved many steps: Everything from applying within the app to sending a resume to creating and sharing a video talking about Bumble and using all three app modes. Next came a phone interview and then a visit to Austin, where the company is headquartered.

It was originally supposed to be one job, but Maclin said in a statement that Bumble knew it had to hire both women after meeting them (the two will be traveling together). “We felt that it was important to have two people who can speak to their individual experiences of making connections and cultivating their own relationships across cultures, all while traveling together,” she added in the statement.

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