Covid-19 quarantine rules to Tui refunds – the Holiday Guru solves traveller queries

‘Do I have to return to the UK immediately if the air bridge agreement with Greece ends?’: The Holiday Guru solves traveller queries, from quarantine rules to Tui refunds

The Holiday Guru is always on hand to answer your questions.

This week the issues tackled include what to do if an air bridge agreement ends, getting refunds from Tui and re-arranging hotel stays. 

Q. I am possibly going to Crete in October. If the air bridge agreement with Greece ends, do I have to return immediately or can I stay for the whole of my holiday and then quarantine when I return? Having seen the scramble back from France, I’m no longer sure.

Sue Kauder, via email.

One reader, who is due to visit Crete in October, asks if the air bridge agreement with Greece ends, does she have to return immediately to the UK? 

A. Should the Government take Greece off the list of countries exempt from quarantine while you are out there, you would be free to stay for the rest of your holiday and quarantine visit .

Q. I am writing on behalf of my parents-in-law, aged 77 and 79. They are due a refund for a cancelled Celebrity Silhouette cruise in May, sold by Tui at a cost of £2,884.62. They have phoned the helpline several times with no success, and have even written to Tui HQ with no reply. Their experience of computers extends as far as knowing they exist.

Neil Mackay, via email.

A. It is possible that your parents-in- law have been sent a refund credit note via email. This will have their refund credit number, which they will need to input at after following the refund link. Refunds are currently taking up to four weeks due to a backlog.

A spokeswoman for Tui says that phone lines have improved, and the current wait time is less than three minutes. The company is looking into the case and should be in touch soon.

Q. We booked a stay at a Jurys Inn in Dublin on March 4 for a trip this December. We took the non-flexible room price. Due to the Irish travel restrictions we would like to postpone until the same weekend next year, but the hotel told me that unless Government advice alters, we will still need to go. I’m confused. Can you help?

Neil Bull, via email.

Another reader asks for the Guru's help in re-arranging a trip to Dublin, pictured

Another reader asks for the Guru’s help in re-arranging a trip to Dublin, pictured 

A. This seems harsh. We asked Jurys Inn why such a simple switch could not be made – after all, visitors’ movements are restricted for 14 days. A spokesperson said the confusion came as the hotel chain’s computer system will only allow bookings 365 days ahead. A note is being made on your booking to allow the December 2021 change. 

Q. I am going to Greece on September 6, but my email account with the completed Passenger Locator Form has shut down and I can’t remember my password. Should I start again with a new email?

Paul Tunnicliffe, via email.

A. Yes, that would be the most sensible course of action. To do so, visit the website.


Aside from delays to refunds, have you been caught up in a holiday scam during the coronavirus pandemic, or encountered travel firms that let you down in an underhand way? Let us know at


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