Drone vision captures the remarkable moment a blue whale yawns during a swim near south Perth

Ever seen a blue whale yawn? See the mesmerising moment creature of the deep opens its jaws

  • Drone vision has captured the rare moment a Blue Whale yawns in Perth waters
  • The footage was filmed over Leeuwin-naturaliste national park waters in WA
  • Videographer Blair from Sharky Aerials described it as an ‘incredible’ moment  

Drone footage has captured the moment a Blue Whale appears to yawn while swimming off the coast in South Perth. 

The vision was uploaded to Sharkyaerials Instagram on Wednesday, showing the mesmerising mammal glide through waters in Leeuwin-naturaliste national park. 

Videographer Blair, who runs the aerial imaging company, got more than he bargained for when he realised he captured the blue whale yawning. 

Videographer Blair from Sharky Aerials has captured the remarkable moment a Blue Whale was caught yawning off the coast at south Perth (pictured)

‘It’s not something you’d ever see,’ he said. 

‘Unless you were 50km into the ocean or David Attenborough you’d never be able to see what we did.’

He explained he was helping Geographe Marine Research – a non-profit whale conservation organisation – film over 320 Blue Whales migrating from North of Indonesia.

‘They come down the coast and they run into that cape, they have to turn and follow along the calm side of the cape,’ he said.

‘This gives us filming conditions unlike anywhere else on the planet.’ 

He added without drone technology and the unique crystal clear water of the south cape, researchers would have missed the rare phenomena. 

Blair said without the drone he never would have been able to capture the rare phenomena

Blair said without the drone he never would have been able to capture the rare phenomena

‘The footage is incredible to watch often what we think is one to two whales is actually up to four,’ he said. 

‘Drones are changing the game, we’re getting more accurate numbers now.’     

The endangered species are mammoth creatures, ranging in length from 24 to 33 metres.

Females are up to ten metres longer than their male counterparts, with some blue whales weighing up to 200 tonnes. 

They mostly feast on krill, a shrimp like creature, with blue whales eating as many as 40 million a day.  

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