Emirates A380s will return to London Gatwick in December for flights to Dubai

1. Invest in a comfortable face covering

Emirates’ aircraft are fitted with Hepa cabin air filters that clear 99.97 per cent of viruses. However, you might like to invest in a high-quality, comfortable face covering given you’ll be required to wear this whilst travelling. A mask with at least two layers of fabric is recommended to help protect yourself and others, while some also come with changeable filters. Quality fabrics that feel good on your skin with high breathability – such as pure cotton, merino wool or microfiber – will help filter particles, and also ensure comfort.

2. Combat nerves with your carry-on

If it’s been a long time since your last international flight, one of the easiest ways to feel calmer is knowing that you have prepared for all eventualities. Carry your passport and other printed travel documents/vaccine certificates in a secure pouch and only remove these when needed, replacing straight away. Also be sure to carry hand cream, lip balm, an eye mask (if you are hoping to sleep), headphones, a toothbrush if travelling overnight and a spare shirt in case of any unexpected mishaps.

3. Make your journey smoother with tech

Emirates cabin crew have revealed post-lockdown flying tips, which include wearing merino wool and focussing on the joy of being reunited with family if you’re a nervous flyer

Every country has different entry requirements so be sure to check these in advance and allow more time at the airport than you would have done pre-pandemic. Emirates was the first airline to roll out the IATA app across its entire network (info here), and many destinations allow entry paperwork to be stored and presented via apps or QR codes. Bear in mind that some countries require passenger located forms to be completed up to 48 hours in advance and QR codes presented at check-in.

4. Media magic

Completed Netflix over lockdown? Check if your airline has a playlist function allowing you to browse in-flight entertainment and queue content in advance of your journey. Focus on how enjoyable the journey can be by browsing through the very latest and greatest of content, along with your old favourites. Emirates has over 4,500 channels on its ‘ice’ system, and you can now watch shows from US streaming service, HBO Max. Enjoy must-sees like Friends: The Reunion for the first time on a flight, as well as the Emmy award-winning Mare of Easttown, A Black Lady Sketch Show and more. Alternatively, enjoy a few calming moments with in-flight meditation services.

5. Combat jet lag

Try to avoid excess caffeine and alcohol in both the days leading up to your journey and whilst on board as this can interfere with resetting your circadian rhythms. It’s a great idea to set your watch to the time of your destination, and most airlines will dim the lights / manage the cabin ambiance in a way that helps the body transition. When you’re flying long-haul it’s vital to drink plenty of water, as the air circulation can dry out your skin, altitude makes you crave salty snacks (leading to dehydration) – and dehydration exacerbates feelings of jetlag!

6. Focus on the why

Still feeling unsure? Sometimes it helps to focus on where you’re going and why. Think of the faces of your family members that you so look forward to hugging. Imagine the feeling of the sun on your skin. Save a destination guide to read on board and spend some time planning all the exciting things you’ll do, places you’ll visit, food you will eat and cultural experiences that will make a better, happier and more relaxed you.

For further information, refer to the Emirates Covid 19 Safety Hub, which contains helpful videos and an explanation of the policies and procedure the airline has in place to ensure the safety of passengers. 

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