Hard Rock’s guitar hotel opens with 450-foot massive structure

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – Want to sleep in a building shaped like a guitar? The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in South Florida is banking on the idea that music-lovers will flock to its new $1.5 billion-expansion, which opened Thursday and features a giant guitar hotel that’s impossible to miss.

The neon-lit structure can even be spotted from the air for passengers flying into nearby Fort Lauderdale International Airport. 

The guitar-shaped hotel features the recognizable body of an guitar but stops short of including the long, thin neck that houses the frets in a real instrument. 

Its aqua-glass tones reflect the Florida sunlight during the day, and once inside, it’s easy to forget you’re in a building shaped like a guitar, save for Hard Rock’s signature rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia on display. In the lower level, items include Elvis Presley’s motorcycle and Neil Diamond’s car, plus outfits worn by Madonna and Rihanna and one of Jimmy Page’s guitars. 

The door handles throughout are, of course, shaped like electric guitars. 

“You can’t have art without music,” said artist Laurence Gartel, 63, whose work is featured in the lobby.

On opening day, Gartel was awed by the magnitude of the final project.

“I think it’s unbelievable. It’s fun; it’s different; it’s exciting; it’s pop culture. It’s all the things I think make art and architecture enjoyable,” the Fort Lauderdale local said, adding with a laugh he hopes the new hotel doesn’t cause too much traffic in the area. 

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