Holiday Guru investigates claiming refunds for Airbnb bookings and BA flights and quarantine rules

From claiming refunds for Airbnb and British Airways bookings to quarantine rules when travelling to Europe: The Holiday Guru solves travel queries

The Holiday Guru is always on call to answer your questions. 

This week, the issues tackled are how to claim refunds on accommodation booked through Airbnb and, how to get money back on a British Airways flight and if quarantines will apply when travelling to France and Germany this summer.  

Q. We booked a holiday in Portugal, staying in Porto with and then Lisbon at an Airbnb. Our flights have been cancelled, but I can’t get full refunds for the accommodation. Can I claim on travel insurance?

Paul Roach, via email.

One reader, who has booked a break to Porto, pictured, and Lisbon wants to know if he can claim on his travel insurance for refunds for accommodation booked via Airbnb and

A. Yes, if you have ‘travel disruption’ cover, though your insurer may ask that you prove that you have already attempted to receive refunds.

With accommodation websites, rules can vary by country and host, and also depend on dates.

Airbnb’s ‘Extenuating circumstances’ online page covers this, as does’s ‘Coronavirus FAQs’ page.

One of the pitfalls of booking flights and accommodation separately is that you may have to fall back on such small print — whereas paying for an Atol-protected package through a travel firm would provide financial protection. Good luck.

Q. We have British Airways flights to Athens booked for June. The outbound flight has been cancelled, but not the return flight. We have arranged a hotel through – what can we do about refunds?

John Ransom, Southsea.

One traveller wants to know how to claim a refund on flights and accommodation for a holiday in Athens, pictured

One traveller wants to know how to claim a refund on flights and accommodation for a holiday in Athens, pictured 

A. It’s best to wait for BA to cancel the return leg, then call 0800 727 800 and accept an eVoucher or a refund. Regarding your hotel, I hope the answer to the previous question helps.

Q. We have booked to stay in an apartment in Germany in August. We are travelling by car via a Dover/Calais ferry. Will any quarantines apply then? If so, should I cancel?

Terry Wright, via email.

A. No one knows when quarantines will be lifted. It may be prudent to cancel.


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