How is luggage stored on planes? Mesmerising video shows worker stacking luggage

‘Mesmerising’ video that shows how your luggage is stored in a plane wows millions: ‘I’ve always wondered about this’

  • An airline worker has revealed where luggage is stored in a plane 
  • Chris recorded a timelapse of himself loading in 110 bags 
  • The video seemed to mesmerise millions on TikTok  

A timelapse video showing how and where luggage is stored inside a plane has captured the attention of millions. 

Airport employee Chris recorded himself in the belly of an aircraft waiting for 110 bags to arrive via a portable conveyer belt. 

The bags were neatly stacked on top of one another from the floor to the ceiling, ensuring no damage was done. 

The 30-second clip posted on TikTok mesmerised viewers who ‘always wanted to know’ how bags were stacked on flights.

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The 30-second clip posted on TikTok seemed to mesmerise viewers who 'always wanted to know' where the bags are kept on flights

An airline worker recorded himself loading 110 bags into the belly of a plane before takeoff. The 30-second clip posted on TikTok seemed to mesmerise viewers who ‘always wanted to know’ where the bags are kept on flights

At the start of the clip, Chris drags in the conveyer belt to the furthest end inside the plane and begins stacking the luggage. 

As more bags come in and the area starts to crowd, Chris shortens the conveyer belt and is even seen lying down at one point patiently waiting for more luggage to arrive.

Once all the bags are safely stacked the video ends. 

In another video, Chris stacked 104 bags in an aircraft with a smaller space for the luggage. 

To ensure the bags don’t move, a tight net-like drape was attached to the ceiling from the floor. 

According to Clever Journey, the luggage is placed in upper decks of cargo planes or lower decks of passenger planes. 

The first TikTok has now been viewed more than 8.2million times and received thousands of comments.  

‘I’ve always wondered how this was done,’ one person wrote, another said: ‘I never realised how much work it involved, I didn’t know that they had to be packed in like that! Good stuff!’ 

A third admitted she would feel ‘claustrophobic doing that job’. 

‘Playing Tetris hard mode,’ another joked.

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