Koala cuddles koala ornament in Adelaide family’s backyard

Adorable moment an exhausted koala cuddles up to a lookalike ornament in family’s suburban backyard

  • A koala was spotted in an Adelaide backyard
  • It was shy at first but relaxed after seeing another ‘koala’ 
  • It cuddled a koala ornament while a drinking water 

A thirsty koala seeking refuge in a suburban backyard made friends with the residents’ lookalike koala tree decoration.

Rainer Harman said he and his family noticed a tired-looking koala sitting at the base of a tree in the backyard of their northeast Adelaide home on Tuesday.

He said the koala was timid at first but accepted help from the family once it saw the other ‘koala’.

‘Once the whole family gathered around to have a look, she climbed up a bit, obviously being very tired,’ Mr Harman told Nine News.

The koala (above) drank from the family's saucepan while cuddling a koala ornament

A tired koala (above) let an Adelaide family give it water after seeing they had another ‘koala’ in their backyard

A family member filmed while Mr Harman gave the koala water from a saucepan.

After a few minutes of drinking, the fluffy visitor let Mr Harman pat it. 

‘After she satisfied her thirst – she drank a lot – she climbed up a bit higher, found a comfy spot and went to sleep,’ he said.

The family said it was a ‘treat’ to get so close to the ‘thirsty visitor’.

The koala (above) cuddled the ornament while Mr Harman pet it before it moved further up the tree for a nap

The koala (above) cuddled the ornament while Mr Harman pet it before it moved further up the tree for a nap

The cute moment came at the same time as the NSW Labor Party announced a plan to establish a Great Koala National Park on the state’s mid north coast ahead of the NSW election in March.

NSW Opposition leader Chris Minns said the plan was designed to help save the marsupials, with Australian wildlife experts claiming the animal is at risk of becoming extinct by 2050. 

Labor said it would spend $80 million to create the sanctuary within existing national parks and state forests between Kempsey and Grafton.

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