Passengers reveal on Reddit the worst flights that they have ever had to endure 

If you thought that a bad flying experience is a short delay or not being able to place your bag directly above your seat – then think again.

How about being on a plane that’s experiencing such horrific turbulence that ’40 per cent of the cabin have vomited’ or taking a flight that’s seeing an outbreak of food poisoning and passengers ‘s******g themselves’ outside the toilets?

Those are two ‘worst flight experiences’ revealed on a recent forum. 

Airline passengers have been revealing some of the worst things that they have ever had to endure while on a plane

The discussion began on the US-based internet forum Reddit when one user posed the question: ‘Travellers of Reddit, what was your worst flight experience and why?’

And Reddit user ‘Beneteau45f5’ was one of the first to reply, sharing his experience of a flight from New York to Rio de Janeiro.

He said: ‘Whatever meal they gave us made everyone sick. More than one person s*** their pants waiting for the washroom.’

While ‘Zappy Snap’ had a similar experience on a service from Baltimore to Philadelphia – but this time it was due to extreme turbulence.

He explained: ‘The turbulence on this flight was insane. Just bobbing, weaving, dipping, dropping, bouncing for the entire flight. And I mean every literal second of that flight.

‘I was clutching my armrests and feeling nauseous, my wife (who was six months’ pregnant and is prone to motion sickness even when not pregnant) was barfing into the little baggie next to me, and she wasn’t the only one (probably 40 per cent of the flight vomited).

‘The attendant was facing us, and said this was her seventh flight that day (being short trips, they just bounced back and forth between Philly and Baltimore), and it was the worst day of flying she’d experienced in 15 years on the job.’

And ‘Dr_McKay’ had a similar experience while on the final approach into Amsterdam.

He said: ‘We were hitting constant turbulence, not enough to knock people over but enough to knock over anything on your tray and unsettle the stomach.

‘I’d estimate around 25 per cent of the passengers threw up, and it quickly became apparent that the clean-up crew had forgotten to restock everybody’s sick bag, so a fair few people threw up on the chair/floor while searching for a bag that wasn’t even there. The smell was awful.’

Another flyer, ‘Zack1018’, had a bad flight experience due to a particular smell.

One passenger recalled how after the in-flight meal had been served, many of the passengers on board became sick

One passenger recalled how after the in-flight meal had been served, many of the passengers on board became sick 

He contributed: ‘I was sat next to an old guy with the worst cheese breath I have ever experienced.

‘Every time I saw his mouth open in the corner of my eye I could count in my head “one… two… three…” and I would get hit with a wave of stale rotten milk stench.’  

And ‘5fav5’ had a similarly unsettling experience when she woke up on a flight to the ‘scariest loud scream’.

One passenger recalled extreme turbulence on board a service from Baltimore to Philadelphia, leaving many of the passengers vomiting

One passenger recalled extreme turbulence on board a service from Baltimore to Philadelphia, leaving many of the passengers vomiting 

She said that ‘everyone thought the plane was falling or something and there was no explanation’ and added that there was then a request made over the PA system for a doctor – ‘but no updates after that’. 

Being seated next to annoying passengers was the main complaint for others contributing to the thread.

‘DaughterEarth’ wrote: ‘There was a guy sitting behind me who kept shaking my seat. Constantly, the whole flight, all the way from Canada to the EU. In between shaking my seat he’d scream at his wife or sister or whoever it was across the isle.

‘It was so bad some other random guy on the flight came to tell him to chill out and so that was a whole other screaming match that changed nothing. When we were disembarking the wife or sister quietly whispered “sorry” to me and it broke my heart. Like here I am having the worst flight ever but then I get reminded that poor girl has to deal with that guy every day, forever.’

Another flyer travelling between LA and Melbourne said: ‘There was a kid sitting in front of me and a kid sitting behind me. The one in front kept putting his seat up and down. He would shake it too, and kept saying to his parents that I was “kicking” him and they asked me to stop. I didn’t touch it.

‘I had my leather jacket over me as I slept and the zipper corner of it slid back so the kid kept pulling it back. I woke up, put it in front of me and he kept sticking his grotty hands through the seats to pull on my clothing. Karma comes back ten fold, they will get it back one day.’

And ‘bs-scientist’ said: ‘Flying from Paris to Venice I (short female) was sitting between these two HUGE men. I had laid my jacket over me because I was cold.

‘The two men on both my sides fell asleep. I needed to pee. Somehow each of them were sitting on my jacket sleeves, so I was in a little prison. I don’t speak French, so I couldn’t tell them the problem. I just waited until we landed to pee.’ 

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