People reveal the ‘travel etiquette’ others always seem to forget on Reddit thread

Have you ever applauded when a plane lands or snuck on to an aircraft before it’s technically your turn to board?

If so, you’ve committed a ‘travel etiquette’ faux pas, according to an online forum thread.

The topic is clearly a hot one, as at the time of writing, there are over 750 comments on it. 

Travellers have been revealing the etiquette that people seem to ‘always forget’. One said people need to be reminded not to crowd around the baggage carousel 

The discussion started on US-based site Reddit after one user, ’emil199′, posed the question: ‘What travel etiquette do people seem to always forget?’

Airport etiquette quickly became a major talking point.

‘Cousin Geri’ wrote: ‘If available at your airport, weigh your luggage at the scales provided prior to waiting in the check-in line.

‘You really don’t want to hold up the rest of the line while you scrounge through your luggage in front of everyone to remove two pairs of jeans.’

While ‘chesuccesso’ added: ‘Don’t ask a stranger to watch your s*** “for a minute” at the airport. I have no idea who you are or when you’re coming back. I’m not gonna sit there like a sucker waiting for you.’

When it came to boarding the plane, ‘JimmySaulGene’ said: ‘Don’t stand in the boarding line until it’s your f*****g turn.’

And ‘newlosernew’ suggested: ‘If you board a plane in an aisle seat and nobody is (yet) sat in the seat(s) next to you, don’t buckle up and settle in for the flight – yet! Even worse, don’t assume that the seats are going to stay empty, and start spreading your belongings around.’

Many Redittors also offered travel etiquette reminders on what to do during a flight, including ‘292014’, who said: ‘Don’t bring your stinky f*****g food on the airplane.’

One traveller on Reddit wrote: 'Don't stand in the boarding line until it's your f***ing turn'

One traveller on Reddit wrote: ‘Don’t stand in the boarding line until it’s your f***ing turn’

They added: ‘Eat that s**t in the terminal. Had to sniff goddamn fish the whole flight from DCA to SFO over Christmas, f***ing gross.’

‘BearCavalryCorporal’ offered a suggestion for parents saying: ‘Bring something to entertain your children on long flights. If that something has sound, make sure they’re wearing headphones.

‘You might be used to little Billy’s screams and Paw Patrol, but the rest of the plane doesn’t want to hear it.’

While ’emil199′ simply said: ‘Stop your kid if they’re kicking my seat, please.’

‘SeaWarrior’ had a reminder on what people should wear and explained: ‘Keep your goddamn shoes on when you’re on the plane. Goes double for if you’re not rocking socks or are wearing sandals.

‘And keep those nasty toes on the floor, not poking through the gap between the seats in front of you.’

While ‘Your_acceptable’ warned against wearing ‘copious amounts of perfume’.

They added: ‘It triggers a migraine every time.’

'Don't be that guy who blinds 50 people by opening the shades,' a forum contributor said

‘Don’t be that guy who blinds 50 people by opening the shades,’ a forum contributor said 

Another traveller, ‘diatomicsoda’, offered etiquette advice for when people are sleeping on a plane.

They said: ‘When it’s morning on a plane but the cabin is still dark and people are still sleeping with the window shades down, don’t be that guy who blinds 50 people by opening the shades.’

While ‘134wilson2’ added: ‘Don’t clap when the plane lands.’

When disembarking ‘Pengusta’ warned against ‘standing up before the plane has come to a complete stop and the seatbelt sign has been switched off’.

They said: ‘As an ex-flight attendant this used to p*** me off to no end. Like, where do you think you’re going to go?! We still have to open the door/s.’

And when it comes to collecting luggage, ‘UnusedWhitespace’ said: ‘When you get to the baggage carousel, stand one to two steps back from the edge of the belt. This helps others see the bags, and lets people dart in and out to collect theirs should it come before yours does.’

Other contributors to the thread offered travel etiquette advice for people after they’ve reached their destinations.

One, ‘willZmode’, said: ‘Let people off the train/bus/tram before rushing to get on. Seriously annoys the hell out of me.’

 If you are in a country that isn’t your native language. Talking louder does not help the other person understand you

‘TrustMeElon-NotABot’ added: ‘If you are in a country that isn’t your native language. Talking louder does not help the other person understand you. Try learning a few local words. It will get you better results.

While ‘Jerry_Curlan_Alt’ explained: ‘When people treat certain sites of cultural or religious significance like any other attraction.

‘For example, people taking wacky selfies at Auschwitz or running around a functioning cathedral like they’re at a music festival. There’s a time and a place people. Read the room.’

Meanwhile, Redditor ‘I-seddit’ summed up travel etiquette as a whole by saying: ‘I’d suggest the best etiquette is just be nice. A lot of us are pretty tired. 

‘We often are on long or multiple flights, so we might be completely worn out. Sometimes things go wrong that can’t really be blamed on anyone. Things just happen. Just be nice.’

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