The Holiday Guru answers traveller queries, from how to get to Maastricht to finding large baths

‘My wife is over 6ft tall and loves a soak – can you recommend any hotels with big bathtubs?’ The Holiday Guru solves traveller queries

The Holiday Guru is always on call to answer your questions. 

This week finding budget hotels in Helsinki and plotting driving routes to Valencia are also on the agenda…

Q. I am taking my granddaughter to Maastricht in July. Is it best to travel by plane or train?

Barbara Walker, via email.

One reader wants to take her granddaughter to Maastricht in July. Above, an aerial view of the historic city in the Netherlands

A. There are no direct flights — it’s best to fly or take the Eurostar to Brussels and catch a train from there. Flights are from £64 return (, while Eurostar tickets are from £46. Brussels to Maastricht train tickets are from £17 each way, taking 1h 45m with a change in Liege (

Q. Can you recommend a budget hotel in Helsinki during May?

Claire Jones, via email.

A. For smart rooms under £100 a night, see Helsinki For Under £100 A Night! at

Q. We want to drive to Valencia after taking a ferry, with a stopover half-way in Spain. What do you think is the best route to take?

Rosemarie Mead, via email.

A. Catch the Portsmouth-Bilbao ferry ( and stay overnight in Zaragoza, the capital of Aragon.

Q. My wife is over 6ft tall and would love to have a soak in a large bath tub. Can you recommend a suitable UK hotel?

Morris Parkes, Cannock, Staffordshire.

As his wife is over 6ft tall, one reader is on the hunt for a hotel with a large bathtub

As his wife is over 6ft tall, one reader is on the hunt for a hotel with a large bathtub 

A. A large selection of British hotels with big bathtubs is listed under the ‘bathtubs for two’ section of


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