The stunning ‘secret’ beauty spots in the heart of England revealed in book Wild Guide

‘Sure, people are aware of the Cotswolds and the Peak District, but then when their thoughts turn to the Midlands they think of industry.

‘Actually, there are wonderful spots of wilderness to explore.

‘For example, Tufa Waterfall is beautiful, but the people in the village didn’t even know it existed.

‘For two years we explored the area almost every weekend, which was wonderful.

‘We actually visited 1,600 places, but whittled them down to 1,050 for the book.

‘With what is going on in the country, these places are so remote they are ideal for self-isolating!’

Richard and Nikki added: ‘Whilst both working at a secondary school in Leicester, we discovered a shared love of camping and adventuring.

‘In the early days of our courtship we would escape for weekends, looking for lost ruins, iron age forts and great pubs.

‘The only downside to our continued adventures was the absence of a Wild Guide for the Midlands area local to where we lived, so we thought “why don’t we do one?” 

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