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Arizona is endlessly amazing. There are all sorts of intriguing tidbits of information that define the state. Take its special relationship with the sun, for example.

Florida calls itself the Sunshine State, but Arizona is actually the sunniest state. In fact, Yuma, tucked away in the southwestern corner of the state, is the sunniest place on Earth. That’s according to the World Meteorological Association. No wonder Yuma’s agricultural business booms with crops basking in more hours of sunshine than anywhere else.

As for Florida, let them keep their motto. Grand Canyon State sounds pretty catchy. Here are nine more cool, fun, weird facts about Arizona, according to The Arizona Republic, which is part of the USA TODAY Network. 

The first McDonald’s drive-through

Arizona helped revolutionize the fast food industry in 1975. That’s when the McDonald’s in Sierra Vista opened the company’s first drive-through window.

At the time, soldiers from Fort Huachuca were not allowed to get out of their vehicles off-post while wearing fatigues. The owner of the McDonald’s franchise near the base pushed out a bit of one wall and installed a sliding glass window. Lines of hungry soldiers stretched around the building, and Big Macs flew out the window as fast as the crew could make them.

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