Tips on cancelling a cottage holiday to Scotland and filling in the Spanish health form for visitors

Delays to airline refunds, completing Spanish health forms for Majorca and Tenerife and cancelling a cottage holiday are the hot topics tackled by the Holiday Guru this week

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This week those seeking advice ask about Spanish health forms, what the Civil Aviation Authority is doing about airline refund delays and how to cancel a Scottish cottage holiday. 

Q. Does Spain’s health form for visitors apply to Majorca and Tenerife?

Steven Harris, via email.

One reader asks if holidaymakers to Majorca and Tenerife, pictured, have to fill out Spain’s health form for visitors 

A. Yes. Go to the Spain Travel Health website ( and provide your details. You will be sent a QR code to download or print out and show on arrival. See the ‘entry requirements’ section for Spain on

Q. Is the Civil Aviation Authority doing anything about airline refund delays? I’ve been waiting two months.

Christine James, via email.

A. The CAA’s review into refund policies said: ‘A minority of airlines have been consistently providing consumers with refunds in an acceptable timeframe.’ 

It will issue a more detailed review this month in which airlines may be named and shamed. About time, too.

Q. I booked a cottage with LHH Scotland but tried to cancel as my sister’s family can’t fly from Australia and my parents are concerned about Covid. I am told I will lose my deposit of £435. Can I claim on insurance?

Ruth Macleod, via email

One reader asks if she can cancel her Scottish cottage holiday and claim on her travel insurance

One reader asks if she can cancel her Scottish cottage holiday and claim on her travel insurance 

A. Insurance would not cover you as you would be cancelling due to ‘disinclination to travel’. But, if you pay your final balance and restrictions remain making travel impossible, you will be due a full refund, says the Competitions and Markets Authority. 

LHH Scotland has agreed to try to re-let the cottage. If it does so, it will return your deposit minus a £50 fee. Or you could postpone the booking.


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