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To help plan your next kid-approved trip, we’re looking for the best zoos, zoo exhibits, aquariums, safari parks, botanical gardens and aerial adventure parks in North America, and we need you. Vote for your favorite in each category once per day until voting ends on Monday, July 6 at noon ET.

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Best Aerial Adventure Park

Get a bird’s-eye view at these adventure parks — Photo courtesy of iStock / Sinenkiy

While zip lines and canopy tours began as a tool for scientific field research, they’ve exploded in popularity as an attraction in their own right – a way to experience the forest canopy in a safe and thrilling environment.

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Best Aquarium

Explore the world's waterways at these top aquariumsExplore the world’s waterways at these top aquariums — Photo courtesy of iStock / nd3000

Aquariums put us face to fin with aquatic life from the world’s oceans, lakes and waterways in a fun and educational setting. The best aquariums also play a vital role in animal conservation by taking part in rescue efforts and advocating for the environmental health of our oceans.

These 20 aquariums, nearly all accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, represent the best in North America for their high-quality exhibits and visitor interactions.

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Best Botanical Garden

These top gardens invite visitors to stop and smell the flowersThese top gardens invite visitors to stop and smell the flowers — Photo courtesy of iStock / Martin Wahlborg

April showers might very well bring May flowers, but at the public and botanical gardens dotting North America, there’s always something in bloom. The best gardens and arboretums on the continent help to promote and conserve the plant diversity of our planet, all while showcasing their vast collections in stunning, visitor friendly ways.

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Best Safari Park

These parks let you go on safari without leaving the countryThese parks let you go on safari without leaving the country — Photo courtesy of iStock / stockstudioX

You don’t have to fly to Africa to go on safari! At these 20 safari and wildlife parks, nominated as the best in the U.S., visitors get up close and personal with exotic and endangered animals from around the country and the world.

Many of the facilities are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and have a focus on conservation as well as education.

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Best Zoo

Which zoo is your favorite?Which zoo is your favorite? — Photo courtesy of iStock / CharlieBfl

North America is home to hundreds of zoological parks, including more than 200 facilities accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). Short of heading out into the world’s wild places, nothing beats a visit to the zoo to foster an appreciation for the striking animal diversity of our planet.

We asked a panel of travel experts to nominate their favorite North American AZA-accredited zoos – facilities that excel in the fields of animal care and enrichment, while also facilitating meaningful interactions between animals and human visitors.

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Best Zoo Exhibit

These stellar exhibits are enriching for both visitors and animalsThese stellar exhibits are enriching for both visitors and animals — Photo courtesy of iStock / LiudmylaSupynska

A great zoo exhibit engages visitors with the animals they’re observing while keeping the welfare and enrichment of its animal residents front and center.

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Remember, you can vote once per day in each category. The 10 nominees with the most votes in each category will be announced on 10Best.com on Friday, July 17.

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