What to know about Tennessee’s first Mirror Cabins

  • Bolt Farm in Whitwell, Tn., is adding Mirror Cabins to its mountainside resort.
  • The Bolt Farm property has 2 luxury treehouses, 8 domes and 5 Mirror Cabins
  • Mirror Cabins are made from two-way mirrors and reflect their wooded surroundings. You can see out, but not in during the daylight. Cabins come with blackout curtains for nighttime privacy.

Floor-to-ceiling glass-encased hotel rooms have traditionally been found only in urban, high-rise buildings.

Until now.

Seth and Tori Bolt, owners of Bolt Farm atop Whitwell Mountain in Whitwell, Tennessee, have created the ultimate best-of-both-worlds scenario with their newest endeavor: a Mirror Cabin mountainside village. These glass cabins drop a modern, sleek 200-square-foot hotel room in the middle of the woods with nothing separating the natural beauty of the outdoors from the climate-controlled interior but a sheet of two-way mirrored glass.

What elevates the Mirror Cabins above mere glamping is the seamless environment the unobstructed views bring to the experience, and in this case, the finishing touches the Bolts have become known for, such as engaging all of the five senses with music, scent diffusers and, of course, the breathtaking views.

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Before the makers of these Mirror Cabins, a company based in Estonia called ÖÖD, would sell their mirror pods to the Bolts, they had to come see the property for themselves. Jacque Baumer, head of U.S. for ÖÖD Group and Jaak Tiik, co-founder of ÖÖD Group and the designer of the hotel units, traveled to Whitwell to ensure the setting was right for their product.

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