Which Airline To Fly Based On The Free Snacks, Because Free Snacks

Flying today isn’t the experience it used to be. The crowds and the lines seem a symptom of the travel experience no matter the airline. That’s why it’s important to pick your flight based on the things that really matter: snacks. 

But even the food department at 30,000 feet has dwindled. You’re hard-pressed to find a free meal on a flight that’s not international, and even harder-pressed to find a snack that isn’t a sad mini bag of pure sodium. 

And even though eating snacks may add to the whole, er, discomfort involved with travel, we’d still prefer to have some dignity ― and Biscoff cookies ― when it comes to our economy travel. 

Below, five airlines with some of the best free snack and food options in its economy class. 

JetBlue Airways

Flying on Jet Blue is, dare we say, usually pleasant ― and the complimentary snacks are even more so. Its OG fans have a soft spot in their hearts for the Terra Blues potato chips still served on board, but these days there are also Popcorners chips, Linden’s chocolate chip cookies and Quaker Multigrain Fiber Crisps. Best of all? The airline encourages you to take more than one of your snack of choice. 

Hawaiian Airlines

Uhh, should we all be changing our travel plans to fly solely on Hawaiian Airlines from now on? According to its website, it serves full meals on all flights with a range of vegan and vegetarian meal options, as well. The New York-to-Hawaii flight, for example, includes a main meal and two snacks. One of those “snacks” is a feta and roasted vegetable sandwich. Come on. 


You only get the private suite, shower spa and simulated night sky when you shell out the big bucks for first class. But Emirates treats its economy flyers right, too. A sample menu for its flight between Dubai and New York features dinner, light bites and breakfast ― including a strawberry yogurt mousse with chocolate biscuit crumble we’re suddenly craving on land.


Delta Air Lines

Delta gets a spot on this list for its Biscoff cookies alone (if you’ve never had one, you’re missing out). But its economy snack offerings also include Cheez-Its, almonds and Kind bars. Still, your best bet is the Biscoff. Trust. 

United Airlines

If Delta made the list based on Biscoff, United makes the cut for the Stroopwafel, a wafer cookie with a caramel filling that came back into the free snack rotation in 2019 after what we can only imagine were sugar-fueled riots. But wait ― there’s more. United also has Biscoff on board, along with pretzels. These cookies actually kind of make up for the pain of flying. 

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