WindowSwap site lets you browse window views from around world

New website called WindowSwap wants to help cure cabin fever by letting you browse picturesque views from other people’s windows around the world

  • WindowSwap lets you ogle views from people’s windows across the world
  •  It lets users browse 10-minute videos of windows
  • Options range from scenic pastures to grey cityscapes
  • The project was undertaken during mass coronavirus quarantine 

Sometimes all you need is a change of scenery.

Luckily a new website WindowSwap is here to make that old adage achievable on an on-demand basis.

WindowSwap, a project born out of coronavirus isolation by Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam, allows users to upload videos of their most picturesque views to a website in which users can watch and click through, cycling from one window to the next.

The view will tell you the location of the window as well as the use who uploaded the view’s name. 

Scroll down for video. 

Views in WindowSwap range across the gamut and are uploaded by users across the globe

Views in WindowSwap range across the gamut and are uploaded by users across the globe

The videos, which are pre-recorded, take onlookers across a pretty diverse journey and include vantages from a rooftop in Istanbul to a breezy open-air view of a boardwalk in Okinawa. 

Views also range widely beyond just geography. Some may depict a more scenic and verdant view like a backyard in rural Austria, while others teleport straight into a stark cityscape like New York City.  

Unlike other random cam sites, WindowSwap’s videos are entirely pre-recorded, meaning you’re not getting a live view of any respective location.

The site asks users to upload 10 minutes of HD video of their window, noting that ‘Horizontal, vertical, square, round or decorative, all kinds of windows are welcome!’ 

Though maybe slightly less transportive in that sense, it does ensure that the content on WindowSwap sticks to the spirit of site. 

It’s unclear just how many views there are in total, but a several minute session of clicking through the options seemed to generate new windows every time.

The options are potentially boundless as well, as long as new videos are being uploaded on a consistent basis.


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